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Liz's Journal

A Collection of Sparrabeth Fics

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Greetings internet traveler…

My name is Elizabeth (or Liz) and to be entirely candid, I have a great soft spot for the written word and everything about it, particularly the genres of romance, adventure, and drama. I can be a bit overly compulsive, hyper, and overbearing at times, or sometimes when I care to be. I like to think of myself as a writer who could use improvement, (great amounts of it), but is currently decent at doing what she loves doing most, and is willing to try new things when I’m in the mood. However, currently I only write Pirates of the Caribbean fanfics (viva la Sparrabeth!) and am obstinately in a Pirate only mood, though will occasionally branch off for but a moment, hence the Sweeney Todd fanfics.

I have a passion for reading, my favorite authors being Libba Bray, S.E Hinton, Kim Edwards, and Christopher Paolini. Music is a stipulation for life of course, for that is where I go to gain inspiration, relax, and just be alone with my thoughts to let them wander. Vanessa Carlton, Coldplay, Aqualung, Ludo, David Gray, Panic at the Disco, and classical/instrumental music are my favored things to listen to, but I like anything really.